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Orlandus Lassus.png
Rare Lassus Masterpieces
Renaissance Beauty

Sunday, February 25, 3:00 p.m., St. Mary Mother of God

727 Fifth St. NW (at H St.), Washington, DC (Gallery Place Metro)


Missa super Je suys desheritee

Magnificat Primi toni, Nunc dimittis Quarti toni

Rarely-heard motets


*  In his day the best-known and most widely-admired musician in Europe, Lassus is

often named today with Palestrina and Byrd as supreme in the art of 16th century, late

Renaissance counterpoint


* Lassus's prolific ouevre of polyphonic sacred works displays immense variety in

musical invention and mastery of musical rhetoric and tone-painting.


* Lassus's seldom-heard Missa super Je suys desheritee is a beautiful example of a

parody Mass (Missa imitatio) based on a pre-existing composition.

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