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God Is Gone Up With A Merry Noise
Renaissance Jubilation for the Ascension

Saturday, May 21, 7:00 p.m., St. Bernadette Church

70 University Blvd. East, Silver Spring, MD (just off the Beltway, free parking)


Victoria Ascendens Christus and Missa Ascendens Christus

Byrd Gradualia Propers for Ascension

 *  The joyful, brilliant music of Victoria's famous five-voiced motet Ascendens Christus,

    printed five times in Victoria's lifetime, reflects the jubilation of the text, which is

    reflected in strong rising phrases and ringing Alleluias. 

*  The Missa Ascendens Christus absorbs all of the motet's musical material, including the

    ascending motive Victoria gives to the word ascendens.  It retains the motet's five-voiced

    texture, but also employs sections for four voices in varying combinations.  The

    remarkable Agnus Dei, a six-part tour-de-force, has three parts in canon (strict   

    imitation), which Victoria's score labels trinitas in unitate.

*  Byrd's Gradualia Propers for Ascension not only employ rising polyphonic motives, but

    also have an overall rising trajectory, from the serene Introit Viri Galilei and the relatively

    restrained celebratory gestures of the two Alleluias and brief Offertory to the stunning  

    Communion Psallite Domino, in which the bass part twice rises up step by step through

    an entire octave plus a fourth or fifth.                                                                                               

*  Chantry also sings this music for a special Latin Mass for the Feast of the Ascension at

    7:30 p.m. on Thursday, May 26, at St. Mary Mother of God, 727 Fifth St. NW (at H St.) in

    Washington, DC.