Washington's Leading Early Music Voices

David Taylor

Founder and Music Director

"Edge-of-seat vitality . . . an evening of

exceptionally interesting and moving music"



"Chantry is one of the musical

glories of Washington"


Next Performance
We regret having to inform you
that our May 31 concert
William Byrd
Unsurpassed Renaissance Master
must be cancelled
due to the continuing lockdown orders
in Maryland, DC, and Virginia
Subscribers whose subscriptions include this concert may donate that portion of their subscription to Chantry, or have that portion of the cost applied to a subscription next season or  refunded.  Patrons who have already purchased tickets for this concert may donate the purchase price to Chantry or have their purchase applied to a performance next season or refunded.  Please email Chantry at chantrydc@gmail.com to advise us of your preference.
Chantry in performance Sept 2019 (1).jpe