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Washington's Leading Early Music Voices

David Taylor
Founder and Music Director

"Vast expressive capacity and deeply ingrained sense of style"



Renaissance polyphony "crystalline in structure and balance" . . . . sound

with "a virtuosic sheen" . . . . singing

with "delightful rhythmic alacrity"


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Looking for a classical music concert?

Here are three of Washington DC's finest Renaissance music

performances in 2022-2023

Palestrina, Peter & Paul, Papae Marcelli
Sunday June 30 at 3:00
Supreme Renaissance Polyphony
Palestrina's famous Missa Papae Marcelli
Byrd's glorious Gradualia Propers for Sts. Peter and Paul
 Palestrina's beautiful Sancte Paule Apostole
One of Chantry's three final performances--and the last featuring
Palestrina--before Dr. Taylor retires in 2025
St. Bernadette Church
70 University Boulevard East, Silver Spring, MD
just off the Beltway, free parking
Tickets here on or at the door

Chantry photo February 2024.jpg
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