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Washington's Leading Early Music Voices

David Taylor
Founder and Music Director

"Vast expressive capacity and deeply ingrained sense of style"



Renaissance polyphony "crystalline in structure and balance" . . . . sound

with "a virtuosic sheen" . . . . singing

with "delightful rhythmic alacrity"


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Looking for a classical music concert?

Here are three of Washington DC's finest Renaissance music

performances in 2022-2023

2023-2024 SEASON

Supreme Renaissance Masters

Sun. Oct. 15 at 3:00:  Rare Victoria Masterpieces
Missa Quam pulchri sunt, Pange lingua "more hispano", rarely heard motets
St. Bernadette Church, Silver Spring, MD
Sun. Feb. 25 at 3:00:  Rare Lassus Masterpieces
Missa Sesquialtera, Lamentations of Jeremiah, rarely heard motets and hymns
St. Mary Mother of God, Washington, DC
Sun. June 30 at 3:00:  Palestrina, Peter & Paul, Papae Marcelli
Palestrina Missa Papae Marcelli, Byrd Gradualia Propers for Sts. Peter & Paul
St. Bernadette Church, Silver Spring, MD

Tickets and Subscriptions here on or at the door

Chantry in performance Sept 2019 (1).jpe
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